Social Media Management

Creating and maintaining a social media presence has become essential for all businesses. Having active social media platforms shows that you are not only growing with the times but you are easily accessible to your customer. Tyler Gray Interactive helps you engage with potential clients through different social media channels. We start by researching and creating a Facebook audience fit for your ideal clientele. The last piece of the puzzle is designing an image and captivating copy to catch their eye. We are here to help you reach those clients you would have never thought were possible.

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Stay Top of Mind

Social media advertising has changed marketing forever. The average person spends over 2 hours a day on social platforms, it has become fundamental for every business to thrive. It is the next step to grow your business with new clients in all generations. It helps keep your followers connected with what is new with your company while also gaining new ones.It is the simplest way to obtain a new client and keep an existing one coming back!

“Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.”

– Jay Baer

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Reach your ideal customer with custom audience targeting and original graphics made just for your business.

Audience Retargeting

Keep your current customer coming back again with ads created specifically for your business and their needs.
Content / Ad Graphics
Copy and graphics custom written and tailored to your business to attract the right clientele.

You work hard to build your business, we'll work just as hard to get you the traffic you need for success.

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