Is Your Business Right for Google Ads?

Is Your Business Right for Google Ads?

There are many names for it – ppc, pay per click, sem, search engine marketing, paid search, Google Ads, AdWords. Regardless of what you call it, you may be starting to consider if it is something you need to add into your marketing plan. Pay Per Click ads can be successful for many different businesses and industries when done right.

Here are five questions you should ask yourself before considering Google Ads:

1. Is my website mobile optimized? 

70-80% of searches are done on mobile devices; therefore, it is important that if a user gets to your site, they can navigate it properly. If your website is outdated and visitors are forced to pinch and zoom too much, they are likely to leave. In addition, Google is now using a mobile-first approach with all website rankings. Making sure your website is responsive will make all the difference when converting visitors into customers.

2. Does your website clearly communicate what you are offering? 
Consumers have too many choices these days. They have little commitment or emotion tied to any one service or brand. You understand your business because you live and breathe it, but you must ask yourself if you are clearly showcasing that in your content and marketing messaging on your site. Your home page is your elevator pitch. If a new visitor comes to your site and does not understand in two seconds or less what you do, you have lost them forever.

3. Is your product or service desirable or unique? 
If you are selling something that many people want or need, that is a step in the right direction. But, you must go a step further. Is it something that a user can easily get somewhere else cheaper, faster, etc? Competing with Amazon or Wal-Mart in the paid space could be a losing battle. These days, almost half of product-based searches start with Amazon. There are some exceptions of course, but if your budget and presence is large enough to compete with amazon, you are probably not reading this!

4. Is it simple to purchase and/or convert?
Evaluate your order or lead capture process. Does it have multiple steps to completion? Do you have to fill out a lot of unnecessary information? Is it slow? Is your shipping rate and timing reasonable? Anything that may derail, frustrate or loose a potential sale is not going to delight your customer. Remember that with pay per click, you are paying for every visitor that comes to your site. If your customers cannot convert, you may as well throw your money away!

5. Are you realistic?
Sounds like a silly question, but the more open you are to changes, testing new ideas and your own limitations, the more pay per click can work for you!

How did you do? If you answered yes to at least 2 of these questions, you may be ready to dig in.


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