Tyler Gray Interactive started like most companies-- we had a vision of how we wanted to be different, set apart from the rest. Our mission was to be personal, be transparent, be relatable. From multi-million dollar companies to local handymen, our services are tailored to individual company needs, budgets and objectives. We pride ourselves on honesty in data, personalization in strategic planning and integrity with your marketing budget. Your KPI's are critical and so is tracking. We build each campaign from scratch and focus on tracking the right pieces of data so you can make actionable decisions about your business.

About The Owner

Tyler Gray Interactive was founded by Mary Anne Boyle. She started working at an agency running Pay Per Click campaigns in 2006. At that time, there were little innovations and technology in the industry. Because of this, she learned how to do everything manually using only the knowledge she had about marketing. That skill was refined for many years. She relies on her skills more than what machines can provide, which is priceless to her clients, especially ones that are just getting their feet wet in the digital space. She has managed 1M per month to $250 per month and everything in between.

But Wait, Who is Tyler Gray?

Mary Anne started the company when she was in the thick of raising two active toddler boys. One of the driving reasons she started the business was so she could be home with them and watch them grow. Her two boy's middle names are Tyler and Gray, thus Tyler Gray Interactive was born. The business name is a constant reminder of her "why."

Meet the Team

Madeline Keane
Social Media Specialist
Creates and manages social pages to reach your target audience and grow your social presence.

Shawn Boyle
Business Development
Focuses on creating lasting relationships with clients by finding the best avenues to meet their goals.


90% of our active clients have been with us for longer than 1 year. 60% of them have been with us for longer than 3 years. While a whopping 25% of clients have been with TGI for 5+ years.


Our highest spending client averages $23-30K ad spend, while $250 per month is the lowest. Most of our clients average around $1-5K monthly ad spend budget.


25% of clients do more than just search ads on google.com. We do Bing/Yahoo, custom-intent display ads, audience targeting, retargeting, native ads, social, Waze paid ads.


72% of clients spend more per month on Pay-Per-Click Services now, than when they started with TGI. They see the results and a high return on their investment from advertising dollars.

You work hard to build your business, we'll work just as hard to get you the traffic you need for success.

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